Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, designed to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers to the most common enquiries about our products and services. If you can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for further assistance.

Our marquees seat from 40 to 200 guests and can be installed on grass or hard standing.  All we need is a photo of your garden and rough measurements.

Our smallest 6m x 6m marquee is perfect for smaller gatherings and will seat up to 36 or accommodate 72 standing.

Our largest 22m x 6m marquee is ideal for a large wedding or corporate event and can seat up to 198 guests.

If you let us know your requirements and numbers we will recommend a marquee for you.

Yes you can add party accessories up until 7 days before the delivery of your marquee, subject to the equipment being available. Payment will be at the time of the request please.

We supply dance floors, flooring, furniture, heating, lighting, sound systems,  table accessories and party centre pieces.

Yes, our marquees are available all year round.  We offer flooring and lighting and can recommend local suppliers for heating options.

We normally require a level surface and at least an additional 1m around the marquee to install. However we are used to working in tight spaces and can work around or incorporate plants and shrubs!

Please note if your garden is on a slope then your guests are likely to be sitting at an angle!

Our marquees can be erected on most sites. The ideal site would be a flat grassed area but we can also set up on hard surface by using sandbags, weights and anchoring where possible. If you are uncertain of your location please call us on 01732 810187

If you intend to incorporate lights, sound systems or heating you will need a source of electricity. If your marquee is within 20 metres of a power source it is possible to run extension leads. BE CAREFUL not to overload your circuits. We can advise on requirements for our party accessories, but please note some heaters draw 3kw of power and can require their own circuit.

If your marquee is off-grid or in an isolated location then you may need a generator. We can recommend local suppliers.

We provide a natural fleck dandydura mat flooring which gives an asthetic finish to your marquee.

Dandydura is a woven polyproplene matting providing a modern alternative to a traditional coconut mat flooring.

It has been proven to sustain stiletto heels !

We can provide festoon lighting which is installed all around the inside of the marquee and or chandeliers which are suspended from the centre pole line.

We are happy for you hang decorations from the framework as long as they are safe and suitable. But please do not pin anything to the material of the marquee. We just ask that you remove them please before we arrive take the marquee down.

Our marquees are made up of 2m windowed wall sections which can be easily removed and replaced, depending on the weather.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking (or £100 for marquee bookings) and the balance payment is required 4 weeks before the event date.

If you cancel between 8 and 20 days before delivery you will lose 40% of the full cost of the marquee. If it is less than 7 days then there is no refund.

We know circumstances can change, so if you change your mind we will do everything we can to assist you.

We normally erect our marquees 24 to 48 hours before an event and take down 24 to 48 hours after. We are happy to work with you if you have specific requests. Please let us know when you make the booking.

Locally delivered items are delivered/collected Monday to Friday. Delivery is 1 day before your event and collection the day after (or on a Monday for a weekend event).

All other items are delivered by our courier UK wide, 2 days before an event and collected the day after (or on a Monday for a weekend event).

If an item which you hired from us is lost, damaged or broken unfortunately you will have to pay for the full replacement cost of that item. We are very up front and open about our replacement costs, and they can be found in the product description for every hire item listed.

Payment can be made either by using the payment link provided by us or by bank transfer.

We are very experienced and meticulous packagers, so please check your order as soon as it arrives so that if something is broken or missing, we have maximum time to replace it for you.

We install our marquee and deliver local items up to to 1.5 hours from Tonbridge, Kent.   All other items are delivered all over the UK by courier.

We are always happy to help, if there is something which we do not list please contact us as soon as you can and we will do everything we can to acquire it for you.