bedecked-marquee-6mx6mYou’re planning a celebration and the guests don’t quite fit around the table. You can maximise your space by putting a marquee in the garden.

All that’s required is a level surface – because if your garden is on a slope your guests could be sat at an angle!

At Bedecked we are used to working in smaller gardens and tight spaces and are very good at working around, or incorporating, plants and shrubs!

The ideal site would be a flat grassed area, but we can use weights to set up marquees on hard surfaces. If you are uncertain of the suitability of your location please call us on 01732 810187.

At Bedecked our marquees are available to hire all year round, we have flooring and lighting and can recommend heating options.

We provide a natural fleck Dandydura mat flooring which gives an aesthetic finish to your marquee. Dandydura is a woven polyproplene matting providing a modern alternative to a traditional coconut mat flooring. It’s attractive and hardwearing, and unlike coconut matting it has been proven to sustain stiletto heels !

Bedecked lighting hire options include festoon lighting which is installed around the inside of the marquee, great fun for a party ambience. Or chandeliers which are suspended from the central pole line, these accentuate an elegant décor.

bedecked-marquee-lighting  bedecked-marquee-10mx5m  bedecked-round tables bedecked-table-marquee Bedecked-Hire-marquee

If you intend to incorporate lights, sound systems or heating you will need a source of electricity. If your marquee is within 20 metres of a power source it is possible to run extension leads. But if your marquee is off-grid or in an isolated location then you may need a generator.

With all our Bedecked marquees you can add your own decorations, our framework is ideal for hanging decorations, both the ceiling ridge and down the walls. Paper lanterns, ribbons and origami strings can look really effective and add a colour theme quickly and easily. Balloons, bunting and floral displays work well, as do foliage which can be intertwined with fairy lights or around the festoon lighting.

Bedecked wedding marquee decorations

For the more adventurous we’ve seen fruit ladders festooned with hops, bicycles and upturned umbrellas – wherever your imagination takes you. The good thing about a marquee is that you can make it a completely personal themed experience for your event.

What size marquee do I need for my event


Our marquees seat from 40 to 200 guests. The numbers seated will depend on whether you use trestle tables or round tables. Our handy marquee size guide shows you how many can be seated in each of our marquees.

Our smallest 6m x 6m marquee is perfect for smaller gatherings and will seat up to 36 or accommodate 72 standing.

Our largest 22m x 6m marquee is ideal for a large wedding or corporate event and can seat up to 198 guests.

Don’t forget the bar and the dancefloor, you may need to factor in a little more space for a simple trestle table arrangement for drinks, or more for a large bespoke bar to serve cocktails.

Then there’s the dancefloor, we would recommend a 10ft x 10ft dancefloor for 20 dancers at a time – this caters for a party of up to 60 guests. And an 18ft x 18ft dancefloor for 200 guests of which we calculate 70 dancers will be on the floor at one time.

All of our Bedecked marquees can have sides that can be removed easily, so you can be open depending on the weather. We also have windowed wall sections if you would like to take advantage of the views but not worry about the great British weather!

If you let us know your requirements and numbers we will recommend a marquee for you. You can either call and talk to us about your requirements or send an email, you can also send a picture of the site and rough measurements and we can get back to you with a tailored marquee solution.

We install marquees up to 50 miles from Tonbridge TN11.

Contact Sarah on  01732 810187